The successful resolution of Medical Malpractice claims relies heavily on the quality of the lawyers appointed by MPI Generali to defend and negotiate claims with third party Claimant and their legal representatives.


MPI Generali currently has a panel of six law firms whose areas of expertise include Medical Malpractice claims. Additional law firms are currently being considered for inclusion on the panel. A strict selection process is followed before any law firm can be included on the panel and the performance and abilities of panel lawyers is reviewed on an annual basis.


Current Medical Malpractice Panel Lawyers:


Murali B Pillai Associates

Murali B Pillai Associates was established in 1990 and has a team of six lawyers, the more senior of whom have in excess of 25 years’ experience. Insurance litigation in general and Medical Malpractice in particular represent a significant proportion of the overall volume of the firm’s expertise and workload. In addition to providing representation for all manner of medico-legal issues ,they are also experienced in giving talks on the latest issue regarding medical law in general and in specific to the current trend in medical malpractice claims at government and private hospitals, universities, Academy of Medicine and law schools throughout Malaysia.


Azim, Tunku Farik & Wong

This firm has had an active involvement in Medical Negligence since it was founded in 1985. It now has a stand-alone specialist Medical Malpractice Department comprising of five specialist lawyers and support staff. The Head of the department is well known in the local Med-Negligence community and was until recently the Secretary to the Medico-Legal Society. He has been lead council in a number of leading local Med- Negligence decisions including the recent decisions in Mohd Yussoff & Anor v Dr. Abdul Wahab Sufarin & Anor [2014] and Dr. John Reginald Benedict & Ors v Dr. Ravindran Menon & Ors [2012].


Zarina G.T. Vanan & Associates

This firm of three lawyers is 25 years old and counts medical malpractice as one of its main areas of specialisation.

The senior partner of the firm has over 25 years of relevant experience.


Law of Chamber of Vin Sa & Ian

Law Chamber of Vin Sa & Ian was founded by 4 Partners and assisted by 6 associates in Johor Bahru and subsequently established their branch in Petaling Jaya. The Managing Partner and the Partners consist of almost 20 years of relevant experience in the legal practice.

Chan Ban Eng & Co

This law firm has a legacy of almost 45 years and is staffed by lawyers whose specialist area of expertise is medico-legal matters. The Managing Partner has defended doctors under the UK Medical Protection Society and has dealt with complaints and proceedings before the Medical Council and dental Council. Many of his cases have received press coverage and have been the subject of discussion in legal journals. The Senior Partner is Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of Lam Wah Ee Hospital and Chairman of the Board of LWE Nursing College and thus has a wealth of experience of the workings and legal aspects of the healthcare industry. The firm has a complement of seven lawyers.


Jayadeep Hari & Jamil

Although this is a large firm having four branches throughout the country, their dedication to professionalism is such that they only proffer two lawyers as having Medico-legal expertise. However, the two individuals include the managing partner who has 22 years relevant experience.


Messr Anad & Noraini

Anad & Noraini was established in 1990 and has a team of 19 lawyers and the Founding Partner Dato' Anad Krishnan who has in excess of 41 years of experience,  is the Managing Partner. The firm specializes, among others, in Dispute Resolution and Litigation, Corporate, Conveyancing and Insurance. The firm also has a branch in Johor Bahru.

The firm has an active involvement in Medical Negligence providing legal representation for all manner of medico-legal matters and currently has a specialist Medical Malpractice Department. Dato' Anad Krishnan is well-known with vast experience and handled a variety of medico-legal complicated disputes including the recent Federal Court decision in the case of Zulhasnimar Hasan Basri v Dr. Kuppu Velumani P (2017) and has a total of 4 lawyers who handles the medical –legal cases.