You are being sued for malpractice. Who can you depend on for help?


Aon Malaysia as an experienced manager of the scheme, will assist you during the claim process to ensure a smooth claim management between you and the insurers. Aon Malaysia will monitor the development of the notification and will take necessary action when a claim progresses and materialises.


If you become aware of a potential circumstance that may lead to a claim against you or when you receive a letter of demand, legal threat or writ of summon during the policy period relating to your medical services rendered to patients, please notify Aon Malaysia immediately.


Please complete the Claim Notification Form which will assist the Insurer to process your notification smoothly. Once you have submitted your notification and the Claim Notification Form to Aon Malaysia, within 2 working days upon review of your notification and notifying the insurers about the claim or potential claim, Aon Malaysia will send you an acknowledgement letter. If a claim relates to a writ of summons, the insurer will appoint a panel solicitor to take over conduct of the matter. Aon will discuss your notification with you and agree on the next steps.


Please contact Aon MMI Service Team if you do not receive an acknowledgement letter within the time frame mentioned above or if you require urgent assistance.